Fight the foes who want to take this country down

Insurrection came here on January 6, 2021

Sedition is exploding.

Impeachment was bipartisan, but not enough, in an uncontrolled

Pandemic. Selfish GOPers infect the

Capitol with hatred and Covid. We…

News flash: Monoclonal antibody treatments AREN’T FDA APPROVED. Pfizer vaccine IS and Moderna and J&J just weeks away

I don’t get it. I read that so many people are virulent antivaxxers and their excuse is that the vaccines don’t have final FDA approval. And then, demanding monoclonal antibody treatments when they do get sick.

NEWS FLASH: Monoclonal antibody treatments ARE NOT FDA approved! Let me say it again, NOT FDA APPROVED.

And they are expensive and, because they are difficult to produce, there’s not much supply. But this is the go-to strategy for the numbskulls who refuse vaccinations.

In fact…

Space. Outer space. Inner space. The most important space I found in my life was when I was ten years old. It was the principal’s office at St. Aloysius Catholic Elementary School. That space, that office. I know… an unlikely candidate, but it became my safe haven.

Going to Catholic school in the late 1950s was not for the faint of heart. St. Al’s was run by the Sisters of Mercy, and they had none. They ran the school with a precision usually reserved for prison wardens and Marine generals. And corporal punishment was a big thing. Bopping you on…

In August 2009, I discovered my husband was having an affair with a very young woman working in his TV production office in Mexico City, Mexico.

This affair came as a giant shock. In our twenty-five years together, my husband had never cheated on me. In fact, he was kind of a straight arrow. Once, when I asked how his friend’s bachelor party was, he said, “Awful. These girls were dancing on the bar, and I held my hand over my Diet Coke the entire night for fear some errant pubic hair might fall in.”

But here it was. The…

February 6th, 1959

Here’s something I always assumed: That my dad would never leave us. I was wrong.

I hear them before I see them. The mourners. They came to our house to make me and my mom and sister feel better. Of course, that is ridiculous. Nothing will make us feel better.

I sit on my bed and look at the posters of my favorite rock bands. The Everly Brothers. The Coasters. And my most favorite, Buddy Holly. He died in a plane crash a few days ago. My hero dead. He was only twenty-two. My dad was much…

After college, I went to New York City to study acting with the famous teacher, Sanford Meisner. It was the beginning of my acting career. But as any new actor knows, “paying the rent” means working a lot of odd jobs until your career kicks in. And boy, did I have my share. Bar tending and waitressing were the most common, but I also worked on and off for a secretarial temp agency.

Now, this was the late 1970s. It was the time before cell phones and laptops–-hard to imagine now. …

Believe in yourself again

Survive the pandemic so you can

Thrive again. Don’t let the lost time

Nosedive you into feeling frozen, afraid, or depressed. It’s time to be


A screed against the anti-vaxxers

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

I’m not feeling very optimistic. I’m afraid. The pandemic, with this Delta variant, is kicking our collective butts. Breakthrough infections among the vaccinated…horrifying.

But it is the hideous politicization of the vaccine that is really hurting us. Look at Florida, Texas, and the sunbelt states. Outrageous that so many aren’t vaccinated.

Don’t think older people are helpless, or powerless

Once upon a time, I was a young girl. I was. Beneath all these sagging muscles and deep wrinkles and thinning hair, lies a young girl from the past.

In my 20s

And when I was young, everyone and I mean everyone, seemed old. My babysitter. I was 8, she was 18. Old. Very old. She wore makeup.

My pediatrician…he seemed ancient, though he was probably just in his 40s.

And when I was a teenager, there was a saying…don’t trust anyone over 30. And even at that, a 30-year-old seemed older than dirt.


I captivate you with my stories,

I capture your mind with my wit

I covet your love for me and

I command you to listen.

I cast off my doubts…

Joanna Lipari

Joanna Lipari is an actor, writer and psychologist using writing as well as acting to explore identity and personal development.

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