What are you willing to risk?

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Mask covers. But covers what? A

Memory of a life from before…before the pandemic,

Medicine served up a vaccine, but many rejected it even though it was

Material to feeling better…to avoid hospitalization but there was a

Mother who listened to the lies and didn’t get the shot. Her

Marriage was on the rocks because her husband wanted her to be safe. A

Milestone, their 20th anniversary, came as she went to the hospital. The

Music of their lives irreparably severed.

Movement forward was impossible as she laid in the ICU. The

Magic of medicine couldn’t help, and the last

Masterpiece for her, was death.



A poem of joy and nature

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Flowers make me happy, representing nature’s

Hearts full of love, more valuable than


Starlight dances outside and the

Music of the universe is heard as stars dance in a

Ballroom across the cosmos.

Ocean, deep and blue, quells unnecessary

Fire and lays the groundwork for the

Forest Green. Nature is the

Drama of the possible, the

Scent of the willing, the

Volcano of passions and the

Rain that brings us all back to calm



Remembering love. A poem.

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I love you, I do.

I long for you each day.

I linger in thought, in memory of us, then

I let it all go.

I lighten my hold on our life together, and

I look to the future as

I liberate myself from your hold on me.

I lie to myself, of course, and pretend

I don’t care.

I lose touch of view of us, of our love, but

I land on my two love feet.

I leap forward ready for the next chapter,

I lust for that — the next chapter —

I live for a new love while remembering you.



A Poem of “I” followed by “d” words

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

I decide to choose life over death,

I declare my willingness to take chances and

I deny that naysayer voice inside me.

I devour my fears.

I demonstrate courage.

I dedicate the next part of my life to a different experience as

I deal from the hip, straight and fast.

I detest the charlatans who I see trying to dissemble.

I desire passion, adventure, and honesty as

I deserve those things in my life, so

I deliver them to others and

I defend them for myself.



A poem of Soft S and C sounds

Circle the wagons against the oncoming far-right. Their

Seagull will peck at your eyes. A benevolent

Celebration is rare these days.

Set up the guns — the proliferating guns — at the

Center of horror. How can the

Swing set rock us back and forth with no relief? A

City mourns when a teenage

Stranger full of anger, can buy two guns, and the

Ceremony of death begins. Little children die days before their

Summer break dismembered by bullets. While the NRA

Circus sends thoughts and prayers. Why do we need to

Sacrifice our children to the godless guns of war?



a poem

Photo by Ben Mathis Seibel on Unsplash

Labyrinth, the neat, confusing pathway leading to a

Landing in your life, where you

Label the good, the bad and the adventures that were a

Lark song to your soul. Your

Lapdog, aka your partner, is not

Labor but

Love. A

Lake of sweet forgiveness as exciting as

Los Angeles on Oscar night. A

Ladybug crawls up your hand and pauses to

Languish on your finger. A time

Lapse photo and you

Laugh and your

Laughter fills the

Labyrinth with joy.



Be true to yourself

Photo by Joanna Lipari

I sacrifice myself to the art gods, as

I scream for their attention and support.

I search my soul for the deepest truth, but

I settle for what is reachable on this day.

I succeed in creating sometimes, but

I sound off when I’ m blocked.

I seem to never tire of working my craft,

I shock even myself at my tireless ambition and drive,

I scandalize some, but that’s okay, because

I surrender to who I am and who I want to be, and

I shine in my person hood and in truth,

I sing.



Joanna Lipari

Joanna Lipari


Joanna Lipari is an actor, writer and psychologist using writing as well as acting to explore identity and personal development.