Joanna Lipari
1 min readJun 24, 2021


How to get back what you’ve lost, and find what you have

Reclaiming family — oh my, sometimes so difficult

Reclaiming love from those that hurt us,

Reclaiming body and soul amidst familial debris

Reclaiming passion when you’ve been so hurt

Reclaiming property when all has been taken away, but

Reclaiming art will lead to salvation and

Reclaiming breath of belief in yourself and

Reclaiming equality for all, including those you don’t even know,

Reclaiming money is less important than

Reclaiming courage which pushes me into

Reclaiming identity — my identity — free of childhood damage.

Reclaiming story is an act of God

Reclaiming protest from the stupid QANON idiots and

Reclaiming God from them as well.

Reclaiming my child to protect her future and

Reclaiming a lost child that I do not know.

Reclaiming voice to speak truth to power,

Reclaiming magic to transform hearts and minds,

Reclaiming wisdom lost in the mess of this country.

Reclaiming the planet from the immoral greedy,

Reclaiming the White House from the corrupt criminals,

Reclaiming wellness for our minds and bodies, and

Reclaiming sexuality to feel alive and vital and finally

Reclaiming writing that tells the story, the stories that change the world and leaves a mark on history.



Joanna Lipari

Joanna Lipari is an actor, writer and psychologist using her skills to explore identity and personal development.